What’s New In MidJourney V5? How To Use, Features and More

Introducing MidJourney V5: An Exciting Breakthrough in AI Image Generation

The AI world has been buzzing with excitement as MidJourney, the widely renowned AI-powered image generator, unveils its latest version, MidJourney V5. Surprisingly, it was released just one day after OpenAI introduced GPT-4. It has indeed been an eventful week for AI enthusiasts!

In this article, we’ll delve into the exciting new features of MidJourney V5, explore the enhanced image quality it offers, learn how to generate stunning images using MidJourney, and uncover other essential details you should keep in mind.

What’s New in MidJourney V5?

MidJourney V5 introduces several exciting features to enhance your image generation experience:

Expanded Stylistic Range and Improved Responsiveness:
The latest version offers a wider range of styles and is more responsive to prompts, allowing you to get the desired results with greater ease.

Higher Image Quality:
MidJourney V5 boosts image quality by doubling the resolution, resulting in more detailed and visually stunning images.

Improved Dynamic Range:
The dynamic range of the generated images has been enhanced, ensuring better contrast and a more appealing visual impact.

Enhanced Detailing:
MidJourney V5 produces images with greater detail, allowing for a more intricate and captivating representation of the subjects.

Reduced Unwanted Text:
The new version significantly reduces the occurrence of unwanted text in the generated images, ensuring a cleaner and more professional output.

Improved Performance with Image Prompting:
MidJourney V5 optimizes its performance when using image prompts, enabling a smoother and more accurate generation process.

Experimental Features:
MidJourney V5 introduces experimental features such as “–tile” argument for seamless tiling and “–ar” aspect ratios greater than 2:1, providing users with even more creative possibilities.

Example Images:

Here are some stunning images generated using MidJourney V5 in “Pro” mode, along with the prompts for you to try them out:

What's New In MidJourney V5?

Prompt: A beautiful Japanese teenager girl, photoshoot, cinematic photo with dramatic lighting — v 5
Image by Jim Clyde Monge

What's New In MidJourney V5?

Prompt: Human hands, realistic, daylight studio photograph — v 5
Image by Jim Clyde Monge

What's New In MidJourney V5?

Prompt: Elemental character, super cool, intricate details, cinematic lighting — v 5
Image by Jim Clyde Monge

What's New In MidJourney V5?

Prompt: A cute furry dog, studio photoshoot, photorealistic, cute — v 5
Image by Jim Clyde Monge

Feel free to replace the “dog” prompt with any other subject you desire, be it a cat or something else!

How to Generate Images:

To create mesmerizing images with MidJourney, follow these simple steps if you already have a Discord account:

Step #1: Visit the MidJourney Discord server and accept the invitation.

Step #2: Locate the MidJourney bot within the Discord server and start typing your prompt. Ensure that your prompt begins with the “/imagine” keyword, and if you want to utilize the latest model, append “—v 5” at the end.

Pricing and Subscriptions:

MidJourney’s pricing structure remains unchanged, with the base subscription starting at $10 per month. Additionally, you have the option to opt for an annual subscription, which offers a 20% discount.

What's New In MidJourney V5? price

Important Points to Remember:

As an alpha test, MidJourney V5 is subject to change. The MidJourney team clarifies that this is not the final version of V5, and significant modifications are expected as they progress towards the full release.

It’s important to note that the default resolution of V5 is the same as upscaled V4. If you click “upscale,” it will instantly provide you with a single image.

Final Thoughts:

Having extensively used MidJourney and several other AI models for over a year, I can confidently state that MidJourney stands out as the leading AI image generator in terms of image quality.

While MidJourney V5 boasts remarkable advancements, there are a couple of features I hope to see in the future: a dedicated website for image generation, as the Discord server can be somewhat user-unfriendly, and an API for developers. As a current user of the Stable Diffusion API for my web applications, I eagerly await the introduction of the MidJourney API.

All in all, MidJourney V5 represents a remarkable leap forward in AI-powered image generation. We are truly excited to witness its further development and the endless possibilities it holds. Moreover, with OpenAI’s impending release of Dall-E3, we can’t help but anticipate the unveiling of its features and how they stack up against MidJourney V5.

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