TMD Hosting Review 2023


TMD Hosting About Section

In this review, We are discussing about the most reliable, affordable, and fast customer support website host that offers a wide range of hosting types, e-commerce solutions, and Server plans. AMD offers a number of CMS hosting like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Elementor, and Divi. Overall, all users need a trustworthy host who serves a variety of hosting solutions that showcase their valuable features. You’ll recommend e-commerce hosting such as WooCommerce, PrestaShop, Magento, and OpenCart which help to build the perfect online store. TMD serves its hosting to 300,00 websites with many data centers including London, Tokyo, Singapore, London, Chicago, Phoenix, Amsterdam, and Sydney in globally.

TMD Hosting Review 2023 Pricing and Plans

WordPress Hosting: With TMD Hosting, you’ll receive three plans for monthly billing options, where starter plan offers only a single site which costs $2.99/month, the Business plan is convenient for unlimited websites which costs $4.99/month, and the Enterprise plan also include unlimited website which costs $8.99/month.

All three plans include WordPress install in just one-click, stagging and cloning tool, WordPress updates, PHP version, one-click installation of SSL, email accounts management, SSD Space, Performance, Backup copies, and more.

VPS Hosting: Let’s enhance your site with TMD, they come with four plans for monthly billing options. Four Plans come with same features such as SSD space, plenty of Bandwidth, CPU Cores, RAM, and cPanel, where four plans include same features but their pricing is based on a number of features included in the plan.  The first Starter plan starts at $42.49/month, the second original plan starts at $63.99/month, the third Smart plan starts at $84.99/month, and the fourth Super Powerful plan starts at $118.99/month.

Linux Dedicated Hosting: Empower your business or application with a user-friendly Linux Dedicated solution that comes with four plans, where all four plans are quite expensive than the VPS hosting plan. Similarly, Linux offers the same features as VPS include in the plan, where all the plans have unlimited Bandwidth, enough Both storage HDD & SSD, Raid level storage, Multiple CPU cores, RAM, and a control panel. The Starter plan costs $79.99/month, the Original plan costs $99.99/month, the Smart plan starts at $124.99/month, and the Super Powerful plan starts at $149.99/month.

WooCommerce Hosting: When you pick to buy a WooCommerce or WordPress plan, TMD offers the same prices in both plans. Although all prices are the same in both plans, the basic features are also the same in both plans. When you buy any plan of WooCommerce you’ll receive some additional features such as Automatically install of WooCommerce, stagging sites, Plugins, and themes management, WooCommerce updates, many versions of PHP, WooCommerce Debug tool, One-click WooCommerce admin login, WooCommerce dashboard, and WooCommerce transfer.

TMD Hosting Review 2023 Key Features

Ease of use: After Signing up in a few minutes, and once you buy any plan for your business, it’s too simple to handle the control panel with its one-click installation of WooCommerce or WordPress. Enjoy the User-friendly dashboard which looks pretty to manage the tool in just a few clicks.

One-Click Installation: You have the option to select any of over 300 applications to install by using the dashboard in just one click. They have separate hosting plans like OpenCart, PrestaShop, and WordPress, so you can buy any application hosting you want.

Free Domain: Do not worry about buying a new domain, when you visit the official site you can’t easily the domain registration option but when you go to any WordPress or WooCommerce plan you’ll find the domain registration for free. For existing domain, the expert promise to transfer your domain to TMD without taking extra charges.

Fast Loading: When you pick any Basic plan that offers better performance with not much SSD, it’s simply for one website that takes a few steps to start their business. When you choose a high-tier plan that offers 16x faster page loading speed with APC, OPCache, and Varnish.

Additional Features: when we buy any plan, we always take care of what unique features we have if we buy that plan. Affordable pricing with more additional features impressed every customer. TMD includes Backup solutions, domain, one-click Installation, free Weebly website builder, and free migration.

Backups: I am not satisfied with things, they do not offer any backup in the basic plan, While the High tier plan includes automatic backups that allow you to make some copies and restoration to keep safe your data.

Website Builder: A perfect website builder is really essential to make your site looks attractive and well-designed with optimized for all device or mobile-friendly site. Their a lot of themes, templates, elements, and plugins with customized options that make your job easy to craft your own site.

Security: TMD comes with trustworthy security features, so don’t worry about hackers or breaches. They include a number of advanced tools in every hosting plan to fight against known or unknown attacks. TMD delivers server monitoring, DDoS protection, Web Firewall, Power Redundancy, Proactive Updates and patches, Imunify 360, and more.

TMD Hosting Review 2023 Customer Service

When you land on the official site, there is a toll-free number appears at the top of the screen, and they also 24/7 available for live chat to solve general questions. For billing or sales-related queries, you can send an email anytime. TMD offers a ticket option to ask something, and you’ll get a response in 6 minutes after submitting a ticket. TMD also provides a wide range of knowledgebase articles related to all hosting topics that can be easy to understand for every user.

TMD Hosting Review 2023 User Reviews

An impressive rating comes from those who serve their reliable hosting service, TMD gets better 4.5 ratings from, and 4.6 out of 5.0 from Trustpilot.

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