Jelly Roll Net Worth in 2023, Age, Height, and Past Story

Jason De Forde, popularly known as jelly roll is a famous American rapper and singer. The Success and recognition he has reached despite of the tough and harsh childhood life is remarkable. He is known for his famous album The big Sal story, A beautiful disaster, Waylon Willie and so on.

Born: December 4,1984
Age    : 38
Height : 5ft 6 inches ( 1.7 m)
Weight : 110kg
Networth : 6 million

Jelly roll was born on December 4,1984 in Antioch to his parents. He went to Antioch high school for pursuing his studies in music.

The Past Story:

Jelly roll had the worst stories of childhood lives. His father abandoned his mother, and they had nothing to look up to. Hence, he started drug dealings in order to earn an amount to look after his mother. He was charged with robbery, drug dealings and such illicit activities. He is still dealing drug addiction issues.

Jelly Roll

Jelly Roll Career:

Jelly became famous after releasing his debut “Pop another pill“. His career then was an increasing graph. Son of a sinner, beautiful disaster etc are some of the songs which had over millions of listeners worldwide.

Jelly Roll Net worth:

lets talk about Jelly Roll Net Worth in 2023 His total networth is estimated about 6 million, his finances coming from the music industry like selling albums, sponsors, concerts, social media etc.He  has an instagram account of more than 1.1 M followers and 2.72 Million on youtube and on Spotify 3.4 million monthly listeners. This huge fan following itself provides him with an ample revenue. Tickets to his  live shows can be bought on

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