How to use Seed in Midjourney- Full Guide

Curious about harnessing the power of seed in Midjourney? For many Midjourney beginners, achieving consistent prompts’ results can be challenging. Midjourney’s default randomness may hinder specific desired outcomes, as it introduces significant variability to images.

In this article, we’ll explore the concept of seed in Midjourney and unveil how you can effortlessly create consistent AI images. By understanding and leveraging seed, you can unlock the potential for more predictable and controlled results in your creative journey. Say goodbye to unwanted randomness and embrace the art of precise image generation with Midjourney’s seed feature. Let’s delve into the world of consistency and creativity!

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What is Seed in Midjourney & Why It’s Important?

Midjourney is specifically crafted to offer a user-friendly experience for AI image creators, but its default settings may sometimes yield inconsistent outcomes when generating similar images. To gain a deeper comprehension of the underlying cause and to achieve greater consistency in results, it is essential to explore the concept of Seed in Midjourney. By understanding the significance of Seed, users can fine-tune their image generation process and unlock more consistent and desired outputs. Let’s dive into the intricacies of Seed in Midjourney to harness the full potential of this powerful AI tool for image creation.

How to use Seed in Midjourney- Full guide

Imagine you provide Midjourney with the following prompt:

/imagine a woman sitting on the floor

The result is an impressive image of a woman sitting on the floor, exuding a sense of tranquility and grace.

However, if you run the same prompt again, you’ll notice the resulting image depicts a completely different scene with a different woman and floor.

This inconsistency can be attributed to the element of randomness Midjourney employs when generating images.

The ability to produce unique and varied images adds an element of surprise and creativity to the image generation process, making each iteration a distinct work of art.

At the heart of Midjourney’s image generation process lies the seed value—an essential component that introduces a controlled element of randomness. Each generation process is initiated with a unique random seed value, influencing the noise pattern used to create the desired image.

Although the seed value itself holds no inherent significance, it plays a crucial role in ensuring consistency across multiple iterations. If you seek uniformity and cohesion in your projects, specifying a seed value becomes essential.

Let’s delve into how you can harness the power of the seed value within Midjourney, enabling you to unleash its full potential and create stunning projects with the desired level of consistency and visual appeal.

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How to Use Seed in Midjourney?

Achieving image consistency using seed values in Midjourney involves a straightforward process:’

Step 1: Selecting an Appropriate Seed Value

Let’s get started by selecting a seed value. Seed values are whole numbers between 0 and 4,294,967,295. Choose a number from within this range to use as your seed value.

Alternatively, if you need to find the seed number for a specific job or image you recently created in Midjourney Discord, simply react to the job with an ✉️ envelope emoji.

By taking this action, you will gain access to the seed number utilized for the job, enabling you to reuse or modify it for future prompts. Incorporating the provided seed value into each subsequent image creation will generate variations, ensuring consistency in the output when applied to the same prompt.

The selected seed number does not influence the quality of the generated image; rather, it guarantees coherence in the outcomes when consistently used with the same prompt. Embrace the freedom to experiment and explore, knowing that the seed number empowers you to unlock diverse and captivating possibilities in your creative journey.

How to use Seed in Midjourney- Full guide
Select the image with the prompt you want and react to it with the envelope ✉️ emoji.


Step 2: Incorporate the Seed Parameter into Your Prompt

After selecting a seed value or obtaining it from the envelope, you can incorporate it into your Midjourney prompt, resulting in consistently generated images like the ones shown above. This process ensures a seamless and coherent flow of creative visuals, providing you with a dynamic array of artistic outcomes. By integrating the seed value into your Midjourney prompt, you unlock the potential for consistent and captivating image generation, fostering a world of endless possibilities for your creative endeavors. Embrace the power of this technique and witness how it transforms your creative journey, offering you a multitude of unique and engaging visuals to explore.

How to use Seed in Midjourney- Full guide
Prompt – /imagine Vespa rétro furiristic, White, orange and titanium metal –v 4 -seed 105004


To achieve this, simply append the parameter “–seed <value>” to your prompt, where “<value>” represents your chosen seed value. For example:

/imagine Vespa rétro furiristic, White, orange and titanium metal --v 4 -seed 105004

By using the same seed value and prompt, you can effortlessly generate images with similar captivating characteristics. Embrace the power of AI and explore the myriad possibilities that lie within your imagination.

Step 3: Apply the Same Seed Value across Different Model Versions

It is crucial to note that seed values can lead to diverse outcomes across different versions of the Midjourney model. When employing model versions 1, 2, 3, test, and testp, utilizing identical seed values will generate images with comparable composition, color, and details. This emphasizes the importance of understanding how seed values influence the output and ensures consistency in the visual elements produced by the model across various versions. By grasping the impact of seed values, users can effectively harness the Midjourney model’s capabilities to achieve desired results in their creative endeavors.

However, when employing model versions 4, 5, and niji, using identical seed values will generate nearly identical images.

How to use Seed in Midjourney- Full guide

Step 4: Utilize the –Sameseed Parameter for Greater Consistency

For a more consistent output, you can utilize the –sameseed parameter. By adding –sameseed <value> to the end of your prompt, where <value> represents the desired seed value, you’ll generate a single, large random noise field applied across all initial grid images.

Using the sameseed parameter results in remarkably similar generated images. However, note that this parameter is only compatible with specific model versions, such as 1, 2, 3, test, and testp. Embrace this powerful feature to ensure a coherent and cohesive visual experience in your AI-generated outputs.

How to use Seed in Midjourney- Full guide

Step 6: Retrieve Seed Numbers from Past Images

To obtain the seed number for a previously generated image, start by locating and copying the job ID associated with the image. Next, utilize the “/show” command with the job ID to bring the job back into view. Once you have done this, react to the newly regenerated job with an ✉️ envelope emoji. This action will reveal the seed number, enabling you to use it in future prompts for consistent results, as explained in step 2. With this method, you can easily access the seed number and maintain coherence in your generated images with ease.

How to use Seed in Midjourney- Full guide

Step 7: Alter Seed Numbers for Different Outputs

To change the seed value for a prompt, simply modify the number in the –seed or –sameseed parameter. By experimenting with different seed values, you can generate diverse outputs while retaining control over image consistency.

Congratulations! You have now mastered the effective utilization of seed in Midjourney.

How to use Seed in Midjourney- Full guide


Watch This to Understand How Seed Works in Midjourney



In conclusion, harnessing the power of seeds in Midjourney may not yield immediate results in your initial image rendering attempts, but with perseverance, you will discover how to effectively incorporate seeds and generate consistent, high-quality images.

With this comprehensive and user-friendly step-by-step guide, even newcomers to Midjourney can seamlessly harness the AI’s potential to create visually captivating and consistent images. Through experimentation and practice, you can unlock the full potential of Midjourney, enhancing your artistic endeavors and pushing the boundaries of AI-generated art. Embrace the journey and immerse yourself in the creative possibilities that Midjourney has to offer.

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