7 Midjourney Alternatives for Free Always | July Update

Looking for free Midjourney alternative then your wait ends here with our guide. In today’s time AI tools like Midjourney are gaining momentum because of the features they offer.

There can be various reasons why you can’t use Midjourney. But we without wasting time our precious time discussing those reasons will jump on the alternatives.




The first free Midjourney alternative is InstartArt.io that is perfect for all level creators and designers. Whether you are a newbie designer or professional and experienced one you can easily use this app.

It generates the highest – quality images with just some simple prompts and voila your pictures are ready. InstantArt is specially designed for people that have hobby of designing and want to experiment more.

Moreover, it is an ideal source of inspiration to those professional who are tired of brainstorming every day.


DreamStudio is a highly impressive app when it comes to getting mesmerizing images without any knowledge. Even if you are not a prompt engineer and want to create some novel and personalized images then you can look forward to it.

If you are a newbie then just note this thing that before entering any prompt you need to sign up. Otherwise, if you have entered a prompt and it asked you to sign up, then you will lose your prompt.

Leonardo AI

If you are a game developer and tired of creating game assets then this tool is for you. There are many features that make Leonardo AI completely different from others.

With Leonardo AI you can create various stunning and realistic models for your game. Then you can train your models so that they can create more game assets on their own.

These models will use the data and training you give them and make game assets with some variations. Because of this feature game developers don’t need to get themselves tired by non – stopping work.

However, this doesn’t means that Leonardo AI is only for game developers. Artists, designers, and photographers can use this tool alike.


When we talk about free Midjourney alternative then we can’t just afford to leave behind BlueWillow image generator. You can use this app to create images and even logos in addition to digital photos and artwork.

To create images using BlueWillow you just need to describe what image you want. And within a second it will present you what you have asked.

With its user – friendly user interface even a newbie can generate stunning images from scratch.


Bing. Com is powered by the world – famous Microsoft that is a well – known name. With its Bing and Edge browsers Microsoft has been trying to present true alternatives to Midjourney.

Bing is a simple and easy to use AI image generator that is user – friendly too. What makes it superb is that it has a cutting – edge processor that just need a prompt. And it will create stunning images in just a blink of eye.


Craiyon as you can suggest from the name itself that is used to draw AI images. Well, it just like to draw images however it is alike other free Midjourney alternative.

To use craiyon you only need to sign up and type your prompt in the search bar. Then within some seconds it will draw the image you have asked.

Craiyon offers high – quality and realistic images to the users and by using Upscale tool you can enhance your images.


Clipdrop is unique AI image generator that is one – stop destination for all your needs. Here you will get many tools including image upscaler, background remover, crop and uncrop.

With that you can clean up images, adjust the lighting, replace background and remove texts. You can edit your images using this tool, enhance their quality as well.

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Thus, in this article we have seen some of the free Midjourney alternative that you can use. They are completely free and unless you want some premium tools you don’t need to pay.

However, they are not any less than Midjourney and have dozens of pretty decent features to offer.

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